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To the women in this forum


So I've noticed these passed months that I get increased anxiety and an ill or off feeling. So I started to jot them down in an app and these seems to be a trend and that is it happens during the week of ovulation! Am alone in this?? I've been feeling so off and kinda i don't know if you'll understand, but it's like a gross feeling inside. I feel like this is fairly new and I've been feeling with GAD for more than a year

Anyways hope you're doing well

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Cool that you know when you are ovulating. Women's hormonal cycles can definitely affect your emotions. Some women more than others. Really resent it when someone blames a woman's attitude on her period. ("She must be on the rag.")

Whether your anxiety is primarily caused by your cycle is an issue to discuss with your doctor. It may increase your anxiety, but rather think it isn't the total cause of your anxiety. Might be a good idea to discuss with your psychiatrist and a checkup with your gyn or an IVF gyn (They specialize in gyn hormonal issues and work with couples trying to conceive a child by IVF)

I never had any menopause symptoms and my friends hated me as they were sticking their bodies in front of an open refrigerator door and heads in the freezer to cool off. A blood test was the only reason I learned I had gone through it in just one year. So guess we may all be different hormonally. Sorry, you have that yucky feeling when you ovulate.

Best wishes to you; you may be on to something here. xx

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