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Lightheaded when standing up

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I tired to wash dishes earlier and got extremely lightheaded, to the point where I had to sit down, it still hasn't passed. I have already been to the heart doctor and he told me everything is fine, and no other doctor at the er`s can find anything either. Can anxiety cause it? Should I go back to the er? I have no insurance. Does anyone else get this with anxiety. I literally can't stand for very long without getting this way.

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I’ve had this when standing still for a while , have you had your blood pressure checked, it could be low .. or just one of those things along with all the other anxiety symptoms.. try not to worry.

I understand what you're going through.

I also feel lightheaded when walking around etc. But I also feel like it when sitting down.

It's like our balance is completely off.

I've been suffering from it for nearly a year now.

Try and distract yourself as much as possible. And then when the feeling washes over you, try to think of a positive thought.

I've read on here that it's because our nervous system is always on high alert and doesn't get enough time to relax.

Did the ER do a complete battery of tests, brain scan, artery echo, etc? You say your heart doctor said everything is fine. What exam, test. etc did he/she do? Have you been put on a 24 hour monitor to track your heart rate an pressure......Before you jump to anxiety as the cause, think you need some more specific answers as to the condition of your physical body. The lightheadness can indicate blood flow to your brain may not be adequate. Could you provide more information about the exams,etc. that were actually done?

They never did a brain scan, however I have had a neck X-ray done, which was normal, I've had many ekgs, all normal, an ultrasound of my heart, normal, blood tests all normal.

And yes I did have a 24 hr hotter, I was in the hospital for that one, it was normal.

Well, carrie, looks like you have covered all the basis medically....anxiety may be the cause. Have a good discussion with your doctor on ways to deal with this, and replies you have received concerning how to deal with this. And keep in


I have this, too. It's very frightening. How is your heart rate/breathing? Does your heart rate increase upon standing as well? Have you ever heard of "POTS"? My blood pressure is super low, and this is what causes the weak, dizzy feeling. Many people here are just blaming "anxiety", but this might not necessarily what's going on. Please look at the following article/website. I hope you get well soon!

It is because you have not drank enough water. I know that this is a cause of dizziness, ever step out of a sauna and feel dizzy? You are dehydrated and blood pressure meds can cause that, they put me on pottassium with my blood pressure meds. It is designed to replace your electrolytes. Be sure to drink plenty of water daily.

Anxiety can be a culprit, I get it a lot. Could be POTS, I have that too but with elevated heart rates. Could be a hormonal imbalance as well - I tend to get lightheaded a lot right before my cycle...I had a hormone test done and my hormones are really out of whack.

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I have this same feeling too. I thought everyone felt it but I guess it’s probably an anxiety thing.

Do you take any medication? That could be causing your dizziness. Or there could be other reasons for it aside from heart issues.

It sounds like you have low blood pressure like others have said, but it isn't always caused by heart problems. It could be that you are dehydrated or if you aren't eating often enough. It also can be caused by breathing issues such as shallow breathing or holding your breath without realizing it. Honestly you need to go to your primary care physician or family doctor for this, not the emergency room.

Maybe you need to have a physical, my iron was low when I felt that way

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