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Travel fears!! Very bad!


Hi guys, first time on here and really struggling at the moment. I have a really big fear of travelling, be it in a car, plane or anything really. Getting married in June and my soon to be wife us booked our honeymoon in Barbados! How do I deal with this? I don’t want to disappoint her and would love to go so how do I get there? Sadly I can’t just sedate myself for the trip as need to get

To the airport

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your doctor will give you diazepam for the flight, which will help a lot, just don't drink alcohol on the same day.

I don’t drink, have had it before, the flight I’m sure will be fine it’s getting to the airport that’s the problem

Well take a small dose to get you through the car journey, start now every day sitting in a car, drive round the block, short trips, the more you do the less the anxiety. Face it head on, you will be fine. I think half of our problems is that we think about things too much and it makes our anxiety go into overdrive. if you had to jump in a car right now and go somewhere without warning you would probably be ok. Your lucky in the sense that you know what causes your anxiety. I have no idea what causes mine. Maybe try hypnosis.

Hi wagajohnson1987 I too have a fear of travelling, constantly looking to were I can get off motorways or looking for someone who can help. I've just come back from abroad and got myself in a right state the week before thinking what if I have a p/a on the plane and I'm stuck what if I become ill? My head was a mess, but you know what I managed the 1 hour trip to the airport then the 3 hour plane ride just fine I did take some propananol in my bag just incase but I never take them the more like a crutch incase. I'm so glad I done it.

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