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Red and itchy feet and hands?

Hi, so for the past 4 years or so I have noticed that sometimes I will be standing and working like cooking or something and I realize that my feet and my hands are bright red and kinda itchy. It only happens in the winter and I know its not an allergic reaction because I will legit just be standing. I also notice this when I get into a super hot shower (I love hot showers!) my hands will get like prickly itchy but they stop when I get into contact with cold water. So I looked this up online and it said I could have Polycythemia Vera? Its a blood cancer that makes your blood super thick and you have a lot of clots, you get headaches, fatigue, itchy hands and feet when having a hot shower or bath, all kinds of stuff that screamed me! But I also know that my headaches are because of my anxiety because i grind my teeth a lot. I also know that my feet get itchy when I dont wear socks with shoes (My shoes are kinda jacked up cause I didnt wear socks with shoes for a bit because they did not require socks) I do not get blood clots and I am only 18 years old. If i do have p.vera then it only came up in the last 2 years. The last time I went to the OBGYN was about 2 years ago and I had blood work done. I dont get fatigued really unless I just didnt sleep the night before (that happens with senior year of high school) or I just like nap a lot. I eat right, i am not very active but when I have these red and itchy hands and feet I get really worried. It usually happens when its super dry or hot outside, i do have dry skin but just to touch you can really see it. My father had this issue and he said his hands and feet would get red for no reason all of his life. But why does it itch? My mother always says its just because I have good blood flow. Um....ok but it shouldnt itch (Note it doesnt have a rash or anything) what is this?????? could I actually have p.vera???????

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IF your dad had it, and he got on with life just fine, Please relax. Assume the best and easiest possible outcome. Please stay away from Dr. Google. Talk to your mum, your family, ask them questions. You might find some good advice from those closest to you about this.


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