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Panic attacks??

Hi All

Last year I fell and banged my head and had to have a CT scan due to different size pupils, it turns out it was nothing and the pupil difference was a confidence and caused by iritis, any way ever since then I have suffered with health anxiety. I take daily pictures sometimes up to 100 per day of my eyes and I am convinced my pupils are different sizes and something more sinister is going on after counselling I stopped doing this but a couple of months ago this came back and I am doing it all again I am trying to be logical and tell myself everything is fine, I’ve had an eye test and the optician says they are the same size but I can clearly see on the pictures they are not I have also been referred to hospital due to scaring on the back of my eye which doesn’t help,

I keep getting these waves maybe once or twice a day it feels like I’m going to faint and my arm goes dead – I was told these are panic attacks but I don’t have a fast pulse or fast breathing as I did previously it just comes on and sometimes it happens when I am actually having a good day does this happen to anyone else?

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