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struggling with life

My name is Emma i'm 17 from London I live with my mum dad bro & sis I need some advice about my living situation I am transgender I have been myself for 10 years which is great and I'm very lucky to have such a loving supportive family but recently I have fallen out with my sister who is 22 because she is a toxic person towards everybody she meets and as an outcast myself to see her bully people that are different made me upset so I told her that and she decided to bully me as well but because we live in the same house it's worse she said she thinks I'm a freak and constantly calls me a tranny so no one else can see and saying no one will ever love me and telling me to kill myself every single day and slamming doors in my face and punching me.. I can handle when strangers do it I've dealt with that for years but not my family I never thought I'd ever cry about this again.. but I don't feel safe in the house anymore and I have no where else to go I've been looking for a job and have been to lots of interviews but always get rejected I can't escape this I don't know what to do I feel really depressed and down about myself and I haven't felt this way in years I'm miserable I feel like I was born to be a punching bag and have people abuse me for the rest of my life I'm struggling to see the point of me being alive and I know how selfish these feelings are please give me advice anything will help

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Hi Emmamaya. First of all *hugs*. Secondly you are a beautiful human inside and out, you deserve love and happiness (do not forget that) Thirdly, have you told anyone else of this bullying?


my family know about it because she does it to them as well they don't say anything because they are tired of her shouting they say it's easier just to leave it and they are too scared to kick her out she is very manipulative and controlling she treats our parents like children I can't do anything because it's not my house and it's a very depressing angry environment and it wasn't this way a year ago when she didn't live here she has made my mam sick she's on pills now for depression and anxiety barely even talks because she is made to feel worthless. she is even falsely claiming carers allowance for my mam by screaming at her to agree she has turned the house into a prison & literally tries to make my mam feel crazy and blames everything on her I never knew my own family member could be so horrible..


Is there an lgbt center near you?


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