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Stomach in constant knots


I'm new here and going through a difficult time in my relationship with my boyfriend and its causing me to feel anxious and be worried all the time. I've been having these stomach 'butterflies' for almost a couple months now. Is this just anxiety-related? Are these stomach butterflies normal? How can I make this go away? I feel like its making my anxiety even worse. I'm a chronic worrier--and I've certainly felt anxious before--but I've never felt this bad. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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hi, that sounds like anxiety, it will pass

Hello. So have you experienced this before?? I had no idea this was even a thing until I researched it a bit...and apparently a lot of people get this. Like its almost unbearable at times. Makes me want to throw up.

yes i have had it loads of times. It is anxiety, like being on a constant swing, i used to get it in my arms too. as hard as it sounds but try ignore it

It is so incredibly difficult to ignore. I just want to cry all day everyday. My anxiety just seems to beer getting worse-- do you take anything for it? I'm really against taking prescription meds, but this stuff is so bad that I'm considering going to a doctor and seeing what they can prescribe even though I don't have insurance. ☹

Sounds like anxiety to me. When I a constant elevated level of anxiety your body dumps adrenaline and cortisol. I imagine you have yourself in that state which is no way to live. Once you tackle the problems in your life you know you need to, it will resolve. Good luck and take care.

Is there a way to get my body out of this state?? The problem that is causing this is my relationship and im terrified my boyfriend is going to breakup with me which is not going to make this any better. 😢

Yes i take meds

I really dont want to do that. I despise big pharma and I know all of these meds are filled with toxins, chemicals and only "cure" things temporarily. They're just addictive. I've tried cbd oil and that is helpful, but terribly expensive unfortunately.

Look up lemon balm, its supposed to be good for anxiety, i cant try it as im on meds

Lemon balm. Okay I will look into that-- thank you.

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