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Can severe anxiety/OCD cause health problems?

I believe I might have OCD. I was diagnosed with Autism two years ago and I read somewhere that autistic people are more likely have OCD.

But what I really want to know is, can high anxiety/OCD cause health problems? I constantly have intrusive thoughts, wishful/magical thinking, rituals and other things plaguing my life. And of course, my heart anxiety has led me to believe I might develop heart problems. :( I'm 23 years old, just to clarify.

Should I get diagnosed with OCD? Thanks.

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Hello :-)

Yes OCD can be something that many that have Autism suffer with and from how you describe the way you think sounds very much to me that you have got OCD

Don't worry though with help and support it can get better and you can learn how to overcome it but you need to speak to your Doctor tell them exactly what you have said in your post and they should be able to offer you the support you need :-)

Take Care x


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