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Stomach Problems and Worry

Hello there

I'm 28/m and I've been having really bad problems with my stomach since the beginning of this year. It started out as chest pain but has gradually settled as something in the stomach. I'll have times where I have a hard fist-like pain and at other times, a feeling of fullness, like I need to burp but can't. Eating too is becoming a problem, the pain and the sensation of feeling full intensifies. My throat is constantly tight. I've felt massive fatigue and dizziness, with hot flushes and sweats. I've also lost about 6lbs since the onset.

As someone who's usually very fit and healthy. I certainly don't feel that way now. My anxiety is SO bad. I honestly think this is it for me. I know it might seem ott, I know.. but I just have this feeling that it's something bad, like cancer. Everything is taking too long at the doctors. I've been to a&e and they basically did just as much if not less than my GP. If it is cancer, then it might spread by the time they do anything!

Eugh, I'm absolutely terrified ; _ ;

P.S. I mean no disrespect to those who are known to be suffering with cancer.

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I had the same experience as you except I thought I was having a heart attack. I was obsessed about looking up everything cardiac related and it drove to more anxiety. I did get checked out and had a stress test which was negative. I ended up being diagnosed with Gerd and now I am on two meds for it which seem to help. During my experience I lost 30 pounds. I def recommend being checked out and. being treated for anxiety also helped me not obsessing about my symptoms. You will get through this.

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Anxiety is funny that way, you in your mind can be 100% sure is detrimental but the second your test results come back from the Doctor there is usually nothing wrong. I’ve been in and out of the doctors this year and last year for stomach issues caused by my anxiety. Keep strong and try to seek help for your mental state. It might help a lot! Good luck.

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Hound your doctor for a scan to bring you the reassurance you need but going by past experience of everybody here I doubt if it's cancer. We have about a thousand people a year on this firum who think they have cancer but I've never heard of one who had it confirmed.

The stomach is the organ of the body that responds most often to anxiety, that is well known.

I would say to you: don't spend your time trying to cure yourself of an illness you don't have. There's no way you can cure yourself of an illness you don't have no matter how hard you try. So instead spend your time curing yourself of the illness you do have - anxiety.

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