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hi I'm new hear!!!!

i have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past. Now it's back again. i have been to the doctors once at the moment but did not find her that helpful. she has put me on 20mg of citalopram which i have been taking for four days now. i am going back to the doctors on thursday to see a different one who i hope will be more helpful. I have dyslexia so sorry about my spelling and grammar .

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I have been suffering from anxiety and depression ,since the menopause and probably anxiety since a child!..I was taking cymbalta for a long time.Then suddenly (although I have always had dips in mood and anxiety)..my depression got worse...Dr has now prescribed Paroxetine..I have been taking it just over a month,and have started to feel a little better.The only side effects I seem to get are headaches and tiredness,although I am taking Pregabalin too..Anti depressants may take several weeks to kick in x

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when i last suffered from depression and anxiety i tried a few different tablets till i had the ones i am on now. So they tried these first. but today i am filling really spaced out and when i went for my run throat was getting all tight i was so close to tears!!! Only difference this time i am staying of work ( this has caused my depression) till i am cable to go back ( if that makes sense)


Hi Pauline, How are you finding the pregablin? I am on it too and it really does bring down the anxiety...


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