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Fear of getting cancer/dying

Okay so I've had this fear for quite a while now and it worsened not long after I began to experience health anxiety. I always have the fear of something bad happening to me. Im a smoker but i wouldn't say heavily as I only share half cigs with my boyfriend/friends/family. Its not quite often I smoke a full one to myself. However, immediately after smoking, the drowning thought of developing cancer hits me and i can't stop thinking about it. I would love to start cutting down but whenever I even think about it, I get madly stressed out and anxious. Anybody else feel this way? Im a little overweight, blood pressures slightly high but not extremely. Im only 19 and have a full life ahead of me. Im sick of feeling like this. Anybody else relate? Or can anybody offer any tips/advice? Thank you x

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Catch 22. The cigarettes are your fear and your crutch. Nicotine is addictive. Can you work on finding another calming method for anxiety and switch to a patch?


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