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Fear of dying


Ive got the fear of dying and its horrible,when i get a pain in my head i think its a tumour or hemourage,or my heart is going to suddenly stop,anyone else get this?

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O yes warkie

I get exactly the same , its health anxiety & its not very nice is it , infact spend so much time worrying , I make myself feel physically ill

I get migraines & virtigo , so that doesnt help with the fear of BT either !

I tell myself how long have I been getting these feelings , well answer is years , so then I have to say , if it was either of those things I fear , I would be medical history by now as I dont think we can have symptoms for years ;) or weeks or months

When these thoughts come in my head I say "go away i am not listening " sounds crazy & sometimes I say it out loud as well ...I have to try & go with it , so it becomes less a fear , if you no what I am saying , then the following day when I feel it again , I think well....I was fine yesterday , i will be fine today

Its changing the way we think , or how we deal with this fear , its not easy , but the more we practice , its gets easier

You are not alone though hun with these thoughts , be reassured




Thanx hun,ive been reassured about a 1000 times lol,the docs is like a second home to me,lol,ive been ok for a while and its just come on xx

Hi yes i get this too love and been going off balance dizzy think something is wrong with my heart its so scary but take whywhy's advice she is so right and anxiety is such a horrible thing to have the thoughts fears and symptoms make us 10 times worse and i too had a good coue of weeks and now its back xxxxx

i used to get dizzy spells all the time,they went and i got a diff symtom,wen i get rid of one another 1 comes xx

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I have to laugh , with you , not at you & our friend sheffield as well , I used to think I was the only one ! can see I am not anymore ;)

Years ago you didnt have to make a GP appontment , just go down when they opened & give your name & wait , I was there every day , sat on the step before they even opened !!! ....My GP used to say , & what have you got today then lol used to think cheeky , then he would look & say , well you only had that a few days ago , then you have had a heart attack inbetween & you are still here !!!!

I have to even laugh , I dont when I am stressing though

I have had everything in my mind you can think of & a few that I am not sure even exist !

Do keep trying to tell yourself , i felt this way before & nothing bad happened , the more you do , it will take time , but will get easier

Remember you are not on your own with these thoughts , keep talking that helps as well


Ive even bought my own blood pressure machine,thought i was getting better but obviously not xx

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O no lol not the blood pressure machine , please hun , go & get your money back & treat yourself to something nice instead

I have high BP , I am on meds , its fine now , as my GP always says BP goes up & down all day , you should never trust doing it yourself , just let them take it when & if they feel the need to

Let me no what you buy with your refund ;)


I am in exactly the same boat love its mentally draining today i feel like i have a lump as if i have swallowed a tablet and you can feel it slowly going down its painful and was so shakey this morning luv its awful but we all have similar symptoms and we can sympathise woth you alot xxx

yeah i get the lump in the throat feeling,but that doesnt scare me,its the slow heartbeat symtom that does xxx


i dont suffer with high bp,its always been normal,i once went to the docs n it was slightly up 135/85,but he wasnt worried about it,but because he said that i panicked and went out and bought a machine xx

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Get a refund lol tell them it doesnt work !


I use to get this everyday!!!

You are fine, its hard to come to terms with but once you do your symptoms will go away.

the more i thought about it the more i started to come up with more and more symtoms and the more worried i got. just try to relaxing as you know the diganosis is ANXIETY. if your doctor thought you was seriously ill he would of said.

i know it seems easier said then done but honestly i have spent the last 6 months thinking i was about to have a fit or hemorrhage or that i had a brain tumor. i got so worked up it kept giving me panic attacks which then lead for me to think that i was more symptoms to do with it.

if you feel that you need help to get over it then i would mention to your doctor about your worries and they can other help with battling the thoughts.


Don't worry, everyone feels this way at sometimes. I'am a new comer to this group. Stage 4 Advanced prostate Cancer w/ malignant neoplasm, mets to the bones, liver, left lung, Nodes in armpits and rib bone. I'am now on a experimental drug, its an Oral Chemo. It dropped my PSA from 4.0 to .4, but its still spreading to my bones. The bone scan before last, showed cancer in tail bone, spine, arm pits, lung and liver. 56 days later after another bone scan, now spread to hips and left side rib.


I do... Every day of my life and its a terribke feeling 😭😭😭

It really is a terrible feeling like I can't picture myself doing anything in the future cause I feel like I'll die young or something I have had a bad day yesterday the left side of my rib lower rib was hurting every time I take a deep breath it still hurts a little today it was more my back now but not when I breath so I was thinking my lung collapsed or something

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