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Hi I'm new to the group I've just been told Im suffering from panic attacks and been prescribed propanol does anyone else take this? I'm wondering how other people cope at the time of a panic attack and how you feel after it's subsided. I feel so weak no energy shooting pains all over my body stomach pains and very tired. Does anybody also have the feeling of not being in their own body.

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Hi, i started having panic attacks in August and got put on propanol in September/October I started on 40mg and I think they was a bit strong for me as I constantly felt dizzy and tired but they come in handy when I had a panic attack as I would take it once I felt a panic attack come on and I would calm down in less than 10 minutes.

I'm now on 10mg propanol as I don't suffer from the panic attacks as bad now, I just take one of these every day when I feel anxious and it takes my anxious feeling away


Yes I feel really dizzy today too not sure if it's the tablets or just because I'm having a really bad day today.


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