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hi i wrote this post on the anxiety and depression support community as well, so sorry if you are seeing this twice.

I have always been a worrier and a pretty anxious person (I always thought I left my hair straighteners on when leaving the house), but after this past Christmas I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and when that cleared I still had constant nausea and headaches. After trips to A&E and the GP almost daily, we ruled out any possible physical illnesses.

What I was left with was: anxiety.

Once that got into my head I became more anxious. How has this happened? I am a happy person. And I started spiralling into a vicious cycle of worrying and anxiousness.

I read a self help book called At Last A Life by Paul David and for a day that totally clicked with me. I knew my nausea was a response to anxiety. I knew I had to acknowledge the symptom and prove to myself I could have a normal day at work. However, upon getting ready for work I could do nothing but give into the nausea. And i gave into another downward spiral of worry. Will I be able to work? Will I get fired?

Now I have seen the GP and have started 10mg of citoprolam. I have scheduled an appointment with a counsellor. I am hoping to get back on the right track and get back to work next week and get ready to get married in 5 months.

I'm new to the site. Just thought I would share my story and see if I could get any advice or hear some other thoughts from people. Especially about citoprolam or symptoms of anxiety with nausea as I haven't been able to find many people that have that as a main symptom.

Thanks and look forward to meeting you :)

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