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Anxiety & Alcohol

I went out with friends the other night and had a few drinks. I rarely ever drink because I have a phobia of vomit, and because I find drinking increases my anxiety once I sober up. But anyways, I decided to drink last night and today I've been quite a mess.

I drank plenty of water inbetween drinks so I didn't have much of a hangover today. However, I've had the sensation of something stuck in my throat all day. It worsens when I eat as I feel like the food gets stuck in my throat. I've heard from multiple sources that drinking coke can clear any throat obstruction and kinda "opens" the throat. So I drank a ton of coca cola. I never drink pop so this is currently bothering my stomach. I also sucked on a lemon and drank some warm tea.

In the evening (after drinking coke), my throat started burning like hell. It feels like someone poured acid down it. Plus it feels tickly and I have a nagging dry cough now. I'm also having trouble breathing and a feeling of tightness in my chest. I took a tums to ease the burning, thinking it's acid reflux/heartburn but it didn't really help. Then I tried drinking some water and I nearly choked on it. I'm having trouble swallowing and burning and it feels like my throat is constricted. I'm afraid to go to sleep in fear that I'll choke/suffocate/die in my sleep.

I'm laying on my left side propped up on plently of pillows and trying to take deep breaths and relax but my throat is on fire and so tickly that I keep coughing! I'm really scared and not sure why I feel this way. Could it be acid reflux? An allergic reaction to alcohol? Heartburn? Anxiety? I don't know.

I'm tempted to call the paramedics but they basically know me by name now considering the amount of times I've called in the past over anxiety related physical symptoms. I'm kind of in a "boy who cried wolf" situation.

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