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Physical symptoms

Does anyone else suffer from sharp stabbing pains all over? I’ve been to see two different doctors (albeit from the same surgery) but all they could come up with was anxiety as the cause, without even suggesting some kind of solution. I find it hard to believe that anxiety is the cause of all this pain (the severity fluctuates but it’s pretty constant). These symptoms started late October, and I’ve always been anxious but this has been very mild lately so I’m confused. Anyone experienced something similar?

Thanks in advance.

(I also have high heart rate and sometimes palpitations, even when my anxiety is mild.)

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Same for me

Been more than 3 months that im worrying for every little thing.

My chest hurts,heart ,ribs,belly


I cant even get my mind out of it.

Not even when im working and im busy.

I think the most easiest thing you can do is take a blood test,just in case.

It tells almost everything, and you may feel more relaxed after.

Hope you get better.


I have the feelings all over my legs (sharp tingling feelings). I feel you, I hate when you feel all this stuff and the doctors say (it’s your anxiety) I just had ALL these blood test because my heart has been pumping hard lately. All came back normal.


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