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Tinnitus and anxiety keeping me up anyone want to talk about their experiences?

I always had a little anxiety but nothing big. Until about 3 months ago I was sitting in restaurant and I've never been the same again. felt like a couldn't swallow my food probably and then all of a sudden had a very strange feeling come over me, couldn't discribe it, I had another 3 funny turns and it's just left me really very ill and shakey and with so many symptoms, been to the hospital 4 times with doctors saying different things like I'm suffering from viral infection and anxiety, I've had a month off work beucase of my symtoms, such a nightmare! My headaches and dizzness is horrible!

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Hi Kayley. I get it. I have had these symptoms progress intensely from the first time they started back in August until now. Or maybe I always had it before August but they have just been getting worst since, I don't know. But I just know that today I feel crappy, I have so much flutters in my throat and a cool sensation in my chest. Today when I went out I felt like I was going to pass out aND I have been feeling like that every time I go out for the past 2 weeks. Fatigued, weak, hot flashes, horrible feeling in my chest. I wish I can be like I used to last year. Anxiety and symptom free.


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