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Anxiety attack symptom question

Has anyone experienced feeling incredibly spaced out before/during an anxiety/panic attack? I had this feeling alongside tingly hands and face, heavy chest, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate (65 beats in 30 seconds) according to the first aider I was with

I know the other symptoms are typical but wondering if the spaced out feeling meant it wasn’t an anxiety attack and something else or whether people have that feeling if they’re having a panic attack too?

Many thanks


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Yes there can be symptoms like those you've experienced. The hidden nasties that accompany panic attacks and many mask heart attacks. My heart rate used to rocket but would return to normal once I had calmed down. If there's nausea/actually being sick with a rapid continuous heartbeat then you really must get checked out. If you are concerned anyway and it's something you've never had before..pls go to the doctors. Even tho these nasties are there...its unnerving and I never take chances as one can't put it always down to anxiety. Saying that, I've had the spaced out feeling. I also used to have a weird symptom of my brain doing 100mph yet my movements seemed almost slow motion. It's a scary time and I'm sorry you went thro it full stop. The spaced out feeling i guess is bcas its emotionally exhausting, i just dont want you to take that as gospel tho as we are all different. The answer to the question tho(I do waffle abit)...yes it can be part of anxiety but if it worries you...see the doctor. Take care..Janie.

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My heart rate also went up, but very scary and "strange" was that I felt spaced out when I got out of a lift(elevator).

I did not really feel dizzy, but more "on a cloud" spaced out for a few seconds when I got out of a lift.

My anxiety is gone and I do not get that sensation anymore.

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Thank you for sharing and helping 🙂


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