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Shakiness too long!

For the past few weeks I have shaky feelings all over my body! I used to have very bad shakes but not any more since on Citalopram for the past 4 weeks.

Shakiness was always my main symptom of anxiety!

Now I wonder if it is still the same intensity as before but suppressed by Citalopram?!?!

This feeling never stops, day and night but still manage to sleep!

Did not pay much attention before but now started to worry is it really anxiety?

Could be a side effect of Citalopram?

Have had many tests, all came back normal!

My presumption was that shaking comes from anxiety attack and lasts only temporarily!

Has anybody had similar experience, please let me know if you know!!!

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Look at my last post . Your whole body or just some parts like hands ?


I do not get panic attacks, I used to feel like you but calmed down when all my results came back normal!

My whole body shakes, legs, arms, hands.... my heart is beating faster constantly too!

I really do not bother much about anxiety any more, nearly come back to my old life, accepted it as way of living ..... but why shakes?!?! 😳


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