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Obsessive thoughts

I was doing really good with coping with my anxiety until last Friday when an image popped up into my head. The image is not scary at all. The problem is that i have a habit of thinking of this image constantly. I have never experienced compulsive behavior to this extent. Initially I was not able to concentrate on my homework because this image kept occurring in my head. Fortunately this compulsive behavior has gotten a little better these past few days. Anyways, if you are reading this and have experienced this before, sharing advice/ coping mechanisms could come in handy.

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Hi, I’ve been having the same thing this past week. How has this worked out for you?


I used mindfulness techniques to cope.

- when a certain image pops up in your head try to distract yourself by focusing on the things around you eg: focus on the sounds around you, the things you see, which I think is the most important stimuli to use for distraction, the things you smell, and the things you feel. This will take some practice.

Hopefully this helps.


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