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Really anxious after GP appointment

Have just been to GP as was suffering with low iron and low folate, have been taking iron and folic acid, symptoms improved for a little while but have gone back to how they were. She feels that the problem won't be related to my monthlys and has referred me for a pelvic ultrasound. She feels there is something else underlying which is causing the issue. This has made my anxiety so bad, I am automatically thinking the worst (which we are all so good at!) and came out feeling worse than when I went in!

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Oh, sorry you have this puzzle. The pelvic ultrasound is not painful and may determine if there is something easily rectified.

But no woman looks forward to such a personal exam. Mine was done by women practitioners and were very gentle and respectful. So please don't let the procedure worry you.

Your doctor appears to be a good one and is ruling out other possible causes. Nothing serious has been indicated by your doctor, so please just relax a bit for now.

My family doctor referred for the pelvic and vaginal ultrasound, as she thought she had found dried blood on the exam swob. But nothing showed up wrong in the ultrasounds, and the gyn I was referred to just said if I should see any blood just to use a swab and call him back. That's been over a year and no signs of blood.

Hope all goes well and that you don't focus on assuming something serious is wrong.xx


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your reply. I am not too concerned about the procedure, I'm just so good at assuming the worst and have caused myself to become so anxious that something sinister must be going on.


I understand. Have a better day, ok? :)

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I know what it feels like to imagine the worst and be very anxious about test results. Try to relax and keep busy as best you can. I think the best thing though would be to schedule the test as absolutely soon as possible. xx

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