Hi guys, has anyone got any experience of roaccutane? NO HORROR STORIES please as I’ve just started the tablets today and I don’t want to start freaking out over it. I’ve suffered with bad acne for about 4 years now and I do think it’s had a contribution to my anxiety as I didn’t wanna go out, was constantly thinking people were looking at my skin, anyone with acne knows the feeling.

Anyway, I’ve took my first tablet this morning with my breakfast and I literally feel like I can not keep my eyes open even though I had an 11 hour sleep last night haha. Did anyone else experience this? Like I said again please if you had a bad experience don’t tell me, I’ll just dwell on it! Just love to hear some positive stories about it.


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Does the acne contribute to your anxiety - or does your anxiety contribute to your acne? Bear with the new med, coming onto a new med usually has initial side effects but they usually fade away quite quickly as the body mobilises to counter the new symptom and restore equilibrium. Hope the new med helps.


My anxiety came about after I started getting acne. I stopped leaving the house, stopped getting in relationships and stopped going into college because it made me so paranoid and anxious! I’ve read all into the side effects and I’m ready for them, thank you Jeff!

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I have taken Roaccutane twice in my life, once in my 20s for cystic acne and then again at the start of this year, I am 50 and going through the menopause which caused my second bout of acne. I don’t believe I felt any anxiety with the first course and I definitely didn’t with the second earlier this year. Probably because I was so relieved my skin was getting better. It was literally ruining my life, I wouldn’t go out and would never let anyone see me without make-up. I’m assuming you will be having monthly checks with your GP for pregnancy test and to discuss if you are experiencing any signs of depression, etc. I would wait until you have your next appointment and make sure you let your GP know how you’ve been feeling. Apart from the dry lips and skin (Cetaphil moisturising lotion for body and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for lips are the best) I have never regretted taking Roaccutane. You are on the path to being acne free and that will boost your confidence no end.


This has made me feel so amazing! Thank you so much. I’m back at the doctors after 2 months, they’re useless with appointments so! But I’ll explain everything then. My lips have been so dry I’ll deffo look into the products you’ve mentioned! Thank you so much again this has made me feel like there’s hope haha x


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