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Thank you all for listing meds like xanax

Im currently waiting at my therapists office and have most of the medications you guys take that are like XANAX and will be asking my therapist about them and if the side effects are severe or barely there i know every pill has side effects which is another reason im against them but my theory is if i can take it ON THE SPOT instead if DAILY then the odds of having side effects are little to none because they would go away or be fixable easier than if you have the medications in your system daily

So we shall see what the verdict here is ill tell you one thing I AM NOT TAKING A PILL DAILY if this ends up being where this doctor goes im going to say forget medication all together and try a different counter measure for my anxiety maybe ill give CBT a go again if he studied that and is good at doing it im pretty sure that was in his biography also

Im limited to who i can use as a psychiatrist because if my medical insurance so id love to have a professional CBT trainer but i went to one that wasnt on my insurance and BOY WAS THAT EXPENSIVE and i didnt see how it helped although she told me i had to face my fears which i said how am i supposed to do that if i am endangering other people when panicing on the road behind the wheel lol.. and here i am now facing my fears behind the wheel but the outcome is not positive i manage to face the fear but facing the fear intensified the fear believe it or not.. i did the highway once panicked but kept maintaining my breathing and got to my destination safely but that was the biggest shock i ever experienced! I made a point to never do it again and i stuck too it.. everytine I see a highway and im trying to enter it i PANIC and U TURN lol so facing my fear doesnt actually give me courage it shows me HOLY COW you had difficulty breathing and was panicky but you didnt die but YOU COULD HAVE so dont do it again thats how my mind was LITERALLY

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Just an update we didnt even talk ablut medications we talked about religion.. see my newest post please :)


Oh no, not religion.....not the "did god make man or did man make god...but not very well because we hurt."


Good luck with your appointment, let us know the outcomes.

I wish I was a fly on the wall Kevoreally :)


So what happened at the therapist's appointment today?

And do you know how I can save your instructional tutorial about how to listen to your favorite relaxation music on your other post today? Just askin'.......:)


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