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I don't know what's happening anymore

I don't really get a lot of Advice on this forum.. but I hope to gain some new freinds soon. Ive been having really Vivid and scary Nightmares i wake up at Night in Panic, shaking, short of breath and when I close my eyes I feel like Ian dizzy or something it's weird to explain. I hate this so much idk what to do anymore. I feel like Ian alone on this one. This is Not new to me I've had them before but they are coming back. I have a lot going on and Yes I do fall asleep very very Stressed out. Can this be All in my head or Just Massive Anxiety? Idk anymore......

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It might be anxiety. Have you hone through any traumatic event?. It might be that


Hi WhereIsFreedom, I'm sorry you don't get much advice on the forum. I know how frustrating it can be when we want answers and support in what we are dealing with and none is given. I understand how vivid and scary nightmares can wake you up in panic allowing for more symptoms to take over as well. In your case, oh I do believe you are experiencing the dreams and the panic and that it is not all in your head. I feel it could be a combination of massive/severe anxiety and/or medication induced.

I know when I was on certain medications, the dreams/nightmares were weird, scary and would prompt me to also wake up in a panic, panting, sweating and shaking. Some medications work on a part of our brain that is responsible in our dreaming. I know this to be true because once I was off the medications, the nightmares disappeared.

I'd talk with your doctor who prescribes your meds to see what he says. If you are working with a therapist, they too may be able to help you with the aftermath of waking up with these symptoms. That dizzy/weird to explain feelings can be coming from the medication or the rush of adrenaline upon having these dreams.

I hope you get more answers and feel less alone in dealing with something most of us experience both good and bad. Stay positive. I know you've been through this for a while now but it will eventually pass and things will get better. :) xx

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