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Scared of anxiety

I've had anxiety for 5 years. I'm on medicine. I don't want to be on it anymore. I've been to 3 psychiatrists and a few therapists. The problem is I'm afraid of the anxiety. So I'm afraid of the fear .im scared I'm getting sicker and don't know what else to do. I'm so scared I will lose my life. A lot of sadness. I'm going to keep getting worse. I'm so scared.

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Trees, you post regularly here telling how bad you feel. You've been to see many psychiatrists and therapists but didn't find them helpful. You've been given medication but simply say you don't want it any more.

That leaves self-help methods but you say one of the best of these, the Claire Weekes book, made you worse when I recommended it.

Trees, are you giving all these therapies a fair chance? Either way I think the time has come for you to take control and responsibility for your own recovery. That means making the effort to search for an alternative therapy you think will be helpful - and then working hard to make it successful.

You have turned down help both professional and from members of this forum - now take responsibility for your recovery by searching for a cure that does look promising to you.


Jeff are you still on site I would like ro message you. Mydogs


Mydogs, I dont stay connected to this forum all the time but you can always send me a message either here or a personal message and I will reply when I'm free.


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