Anxiety when walking

Hello everyone, My name is Michael and I have a serious anxiety issue. I dont know if this the right place to discuss this, but when I walk, I loose my balance very often but I also experience the anxiety at the same time if that makes sense. Im afraid to walk in public settings because I might stumble or loose my balance at any given time. I get anxious/nervous when people are walking behind me because I always feel like im being judged because my walk is different from everyone else.

Can anyone give me any suggestions about what is going on with me and if there is any solutions?



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  • Anxiety can affect absolutely every aspect of our bodies. Just the other day someone made the same type post with several replies agreeing they have this problem including myself. I was born club foot but overcame and broke records in sports. Then a major accident broke my legs and hip along with many other things. I walk with a limp some but always have. The stumbling walking sideways and even falling is pretty recent comparatively. I’ve wondered if it wasn’t my medication but so many people explained having the same symptoms. Every system of your body can be affected by anxiety from skin to heart. It’s crazy. As if anxiety itself isn’t bad enough. I hope you can find help developing coping skills recognizing triggers and getting to the root of the problem. It’s no fun. I always say I hope I never get accused of drunk driving because I couldn’t walk a straight line stone cold sober. I’m not trying to make light. You are not alone! We’re here for you.

  • thanks man. Appriciate it

  • I have the worse balance issue and I have to be careful on stairs and watch where I’m walking because I have fallen. I think it’s because of my anxiety and it’s just another side effect and you can’t worry about what others think. I just tell people I’m clumsy and that’s that. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

  • Your not alone I walk with a buggy in store because I'm lightheaded everyday 24/7 basically when I get afriad I'll faint my balance gets worse

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