Baby steps

Cut and styled someones hair today for the first time in weeks. Was at my home but still a baby step forward. Hoping to get back to the salon soon, fingers crossed. Felt unusually uneasy at first even though i knew the girl as a regular client. Ive noticed since my anxiety started ive felt a bit weird and uncomfortable even around friends. Hope this feeling will pass. X


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  • Good for you sarahjane, baby steps count. It's normal to feel a little uneasy at first. You are stepping out of your comfort zone and taking that step towards reality. The feeling will pass. Always give yourself credit for every positive thing you do in overcoming your anxiety. No longer allow anxiety to hold you down. Accept the challenges, never backing off but going forward slowly will get you to your goal in getting back to the salon soon. Good Luck sarahjane, Stay Positive xx

  • Thank you Agora xx

  • That’s great you are making progress and small steps. I cancelled my hair appointment last time as I could deal with getting my hair cut even though I need to. As last time I got it cut I had a massive panic attack.

  • Weve had few girls in our salon who have got panicky. One actually ran out. The other we finished off out back of the salon so she could calm down.

  • Baby steps leads to even bigger ones

  • Hope so x

  • Great job Sarahjane❣I hope you feel as amazing as I'm sure you made your client look & feel. 😊 You'll get there, we are cheering you on sweetheart 💛

  • thank you melbrown xx

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