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for nearly 2 years I’ve been e...

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for nearly 2 years I’ve been experiencing the feeling of detachment 24/7 every single day it never leaves me. When I speak my voice dosent sound like mine and my body feels like it’s not my body and I feel numb and I feel a little bit empty. I’ve been counsiling doctors told me it’s anxiety, been for a ct scan mri scan had my eyes tested had bloods done and had 2 ecgs done and everything came back okay. I don’t know what it is I’m worried I have a brain tumour or something wrong, I have pressure in my head and sinus and some days I feel like my eyes are too heavy and can’t open then and pressure in my ears to. Also when I put light weight on my arms or legs they shake uncontrollably, anyone experiencing this ?

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Yes!!!!! I have all Of this your not alone I promise it does ease up in time and will come back but just keep telling yourself “I’m here”

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It’s great to know I’m not alone, how long did you have it for ?

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I’ve had it for 8 months this year but had it before for two years x

Yes can be anxiety hypochandria plus personalized I have had many symptoms u are describing but u have to tell your self it's part of how u are feeling at the moment at times I feel like am truly not all there.

Thankyou, have you experienced when you look in the mirror you can’t recognise yourself and when you speak?

I can absolutely relate. I don't feel in my body and I don't feel grounded to reality. It's so scary but I just try to bring myself back to the present - talking to someone helps or just focusing on my breath.

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