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What is life?

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This photo isnt as good as I would hope as im not seeing the beauty in this ladder but im seeing somethig more.. to the average joe or lisa its just a playground equipment or a tool to get to a higher location.. but what if it is more than that? What if life is like a ladder and each rung on the ladder no matter how big or small has an obstacle or better way to put it an "up hill battle" each rung we climb we fear the next one because we are unaware of what is going to be facing us.. it could be financial troubles, health issues, anxiety attacks, worry thoughts, the possibilities are endless.. but rather than staying at the rung you are currently at why not progress? Why does the rung your on have to be your last? Why do you have to give up or worry? As adults we worry more than we need to especially about the past and the history we should just ACT and NOT THINK unless it will hinder or obstruct our path in negative ways.. so I'll ask you is this a piece of playground material or a handymans tool? Or is this the beginning of where you begin to proceed with moving up each rung not giving a single thought as what lies above?

We can easily worry but we can practice climbing because thats what life is life is a CLIMB so get your baby powder and start at the bottom and work your way to the top at your own pace. There are going to be storms at each rung its the strength and courage hope and love that gets us to the tip top. We gotta grow through what we go through.

So please the next time you think its over or if you begin thinking its the end and nothings going to change or things wont get better stop what your doing IMMEDIATELY and think "where am I on the ladder", "how long have I been there for?" "What can I do differently to advance"

Life is what we make it guys we wanna have all these changes and materialistic items we need to make moves in order to achieve it. We cannot sit back and expect life to hand things down to us otherwise life would be too easy and everyone would be richer than we currently are. You are rich i am rich because we have shelter and technology and food on our plates if that isnt rich than idk what is. But i sure as hell know what poor is.

We have the power to change anything we do not like in our lives so lets startevaluating our life and see what we need to fix because no one else can do it but you and you have to sincerely want it otherwise its not gonna stick its gonna be a few months or less and then back to square one. We can only provide advice the rest is up to you so choose what you do with what everyone provides change happens from within

At the end of the day we are stuck with ourselves for the rest of our lives so we might aswell begin to love ourselves am I right? Yes of course. Namaste all positive vibes to those struggling and those wishing harm on themselves i hope you read this and think hard

The end.


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Kevin, where do I buy your first book? Excellent analogy. So much talent hiding in you. Photographer and a Writer... I enjoyed reading that post. I like when words simulate where we are going in life and how to reach our potential. You did it. Thank you so much for sharing...

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kevoreally in reply to Agora1

Haha I tried so hard to make this post amazing and the photo is okay but ill stick to sunsets the analogy in this ladder was truly for those who think their lives are worthless or that they have nothing or they cant make it in this world i awaited your like and reply and as always its the best thing to read

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Agora1 in reply to kevoreally

You're good either way in writing or photographing. You think as I do. There always has to be a rational reason for everything that happens in life and how we address it. It's when we get stuck with an idea that it's never going to get better, that we are doomed, that we want to quit, is when we lose all sight of our options.

Before I get carried away lol let me say again, Thanks for sharing...

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kevoreally in reply to Agora1

Take it away agora1 get carried away SPEAK YOUR MIND haha any time i hope i have more inspirational photos and analogies to go along :) have a blessed night

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