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Not feeling it today...

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My body is constantly feeling weak. My shoulder heavy. My muscles tense. I hate this feeling... it doesn’t even scare me anymore, it’s just soooo uncomfortable. My body has chills, the shakes (but I can only see it)... it’s so bizarre!! 😩

Anywho, Happy Friday everyone!!❤️

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Very sorry to hear how you feel, but I feel the same, shivering/trembling on inside, last night had the same sensation all night, awful feeling, not to mention scary, my arms, especially upper arms hurt and tights. I cannot distinguish if bones are hurting too, it is so difficult to believe it is anxiety. I will see my doctor next week and ask about pain in my limbs! Also, find difficult to swallow, again not sure is it fear I am now in or not really!

Take care and hope for the best!!! x

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Lalakeyss in reply to Ab2009

Yea. I've been through this more times than I can count, so I know what to expect bit at the same time... It's so frustrating that I can't just "accept" as anxiety. My major issue us acceptance.

Thank you for the kind words

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Beevee in reply to Lalakeyss

Just be ok about not feeling ok. Just be comfortable about not feeling comfortable. It sucks but just go with it. Treat it like a virus that has knocked the stuffing out of you. You feel terrible but you just accept that this is how you are going to feel for a little while. You don’t constantly try and think yourself better or worry why you aren’t getting better. You just resign yourself to the situation and wait until you feel better. Low and behold, your body fixes itself without you having to do very much except rest up. Anxiety and related symptoms are no different. It just makes you think that you should be fighting it to get rid of it, to do anything so that you dont have to feel it. It’s a natural instinct to not want to feel discomfort and to do something about it but it’s not the way to recover. Take the opposite approach and do nothing about the symptoms. If you feel like crap, then feel crap. If your body shakes, let it shake.

It sounds to me that you may very well be on the road to recovery if you no longer feel afraid of the symptoms. Even in full acceptance mode, the symptoms will still continue for a while as recovery takes time. It doesn’t happen straight way, it happens in layers, layers that you may not even notice. There may be setbacks where you feel you are back to where you started but don’t be fooled by them. They are part of the recovery process and a good sign that you have made progress. Just accept these also.

Don’t try to “do” acceptance. It’s not something you do. It’s not a technique to remove the feelings. Acceptance is about how you react to the symptoms, your attitude towards them. If you fear them, they will hang about. If you change your attitude to “So what, I don’t care” and mean it, you will recover. Acceptance is a means to the end. It won’t bring instant relief but it will eventually bring permanent relief from the symptoms which will have melted away because you lost the fear of them. Recovery is a process. You have to go through the process over and over until your mind sees that there is nothing to be afraid of and switches off your fight flight response. The body lags behind which is why you may still have symptoms for a while even though you lost your fear. In other words, you have gone past caring how you feel which is why I think you may be in a good place as far as the recovery process is going, if that makes sense.

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Lalakeyss in reply to Beevee

This makes so much sense and I am trying... I truly am. This may be the hardest obstacle that I have ever had to face. I literally have to watch everything I do in my life style as my body now reacts to EVERYTHING (the way I eat, drink, sleep, activities I do, etc).

I can't be carefree about anything, and some times you just want to have carefree days! I know that I am going to recover, I have good days and bad days. But... It's hard. This process is hard.

Thank you for your advice ❤️

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Beevee in reply to Lalakeyss

“Tippy toeing” or watching everything you do around anxiety is akin to doing things to not feel it. You are giving it far too much respect. I’ve said it before. The only thing I changed about my life was my attitude towards the symptoms. It took time for me to get to that point but I dropped all techniques, I dropped all medication, I dropped meditation type therapy. I didn’t do any of that stuff before I had anxiety so why was I doing it now? I was doing all this stuff to stop myself feeling anxious which was entirely the wrong approach. The more I did to feel the symptoms, the more I recovered.

Anxiety is a paradox. The more you do things to recover, the less it happens. The less things you do to recover, the more it happens.

Those symptoms want to be rid of you as much as you want to be rid of them. How can someone get rid of something they aren’t prepared to feel? This is why facing fears and feeling everything will eventually cure.


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I hate the heavy shoulders

Lalakeyss, Unfortunately you are not alone with body pains from tight muscles. I have that everyday as well although I do have Fibromyalgia which doesn't help. We hold our bodies so rigid throughout the day causing the tense muscles to hurt. Chills, shakes ,part of the body's way of bringing some blood and circulation to those tense tight muscles. I'm not afraid either because I know what it is. Muscles are meant to be used but starting from a relaxed state. :) When they are already tense and tight, using them just adds more tenseness. Hot baths, listening to relaxation and imagery are always a good way to get some quick relief.

Happy Friday to you as well. xx

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Lalakeyss in reply to Agora1

You are God-fearing Agora1, you always know how to make me feel better. Thank you!!!❤️

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Agora1 in reply to Lalakeyss

Lalakeyss, Just finished that hot soak in the tub :) Ask me again by the

end of the night. Thanks for the smiles you bring me xx

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Beevee in reply to Agora1


My muscles today have been so sore and achy with the tension. Just like Agora1 I too have just finished a long hot soak in the tub with lots of muscle soak so got a little bit of relief for now

Lalakeyys, do you have pain in your joints, knees and elbows?

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Lalakeyss in reply to Ab2009

No, just my back and neck. I have had pain in my legs before...

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