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New poster here, I’ve suffered with health anxiety for a number of years now, however upon having tests for various things all was ok, until two years ago, I was diagnosed with atrial fibrilation at 39, this sent me into a very bad depression about my future and my kids, my wife being a mental health nurse talked me into going to see my gp about taking medication to help, and was given citalopram, these did the trick and lifted my mood and after six months I came off them to see if I could function without them, and the side effects they caused, weight gain and sexual side effects,

I underwent a ablation tobtreat my AF innoct last year and have been feeling great since, all follow up appointments with my cardiologist have been good, however I started having lots of missed beats a month or so ago, I wore the monitor for seven days and had phonecall out of the blue on Tuesday from someone at hospital.

They said they’d picked up a run of fast rate however it wasn’t from where they’d did the ablation but from the ventricles.. his words were “this is far far more dangerous”... he then said I’d need an mri to take a look at what’s going on....also asked me if anyone in my family has dropped dead suddenly that I know of, as you can imagine this has hit me for six, I’ve googled non sustained ventricular tachycardia and it’s not a great picture, mentions sudden death and reduced mortality.

I can feel myself slipping back into this dark place again, I’ve becomecrecluse to my bedroom, not eating, sleeping or doing anything other than mopping around feeling sorry for myself, I’ve lost 6lbs in two days..... sorry for long post but I’m really low at the moment

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I am so sorry you are going through this, health anxiety is horrible especially when we do have stuff really going on and not just made up from the anxiety, I know all to well as i'm going through it as well. All we can do is be patient and take it one step at a time and everything will get figured out, (I should really take my own advice) Feel better soon.

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I to am having some health fears at the moment so I feel I can imagine exactly how you are feeling as I am still waiting to find out what might be wrong but to be told in the way they told you there is no wonder you have reacted like you have

If they are saying this is serious have they made you an appointment asp you need to be pushing for that , I need a scan they said 6 weeks wait I phoned my doctor and told them straight I was at breaking point they phoned back within 2 hours and they have got me in next week so maybe the best way to go is let them know this has sent you spiralling down and you are at breaking point

I am no Doctor but I think with this condition that maybe they can put something in place that prevents you heart from stopping hopefully your consultant will discuss that with you

I would speak with your own GP tell them you need an emergency appointment maybe time to go on a course of meds again while you go through this rough patch that you came through once and you will come through it again but pester for help and to be seen don't take no for an answer that will make you feel like you are doing something to help yourself and you could get seen quicker :-)

Keep us updated and someone is always about to listen but one other thing please keep of Google , it will spit out the very worse scenario it is no friend to people like us , so resist it will make you 100 times worse and I say that through experience :-)

Take Care x


Hi juggsy75, first of all that guy who told you on the phone you have ventricular tachycardia and that it's 'far, far more dangerous' and asked if any of your family have dropped dead deserves a good kicking. I'm available to help out most days of the week🙄

Juggsy, this is not the end of your life, you are living in the 21st century in a country with very advanced medical procedures and before too long this problem will be fixed. The MRI scan should give the medical team a better idea of what they are dealing with. As you are still quite young and don't have angina or any other cardiac symptoms this could well be idiopathic ventricular tachycardia which I believe is not considered a cause for concern. Either way, whatever the ct scan shows it will be corrected. Tony Blair had this problem whilst he was Prime Minister and it was resolved by some electrical procedure and he has been fine ever since.

You must have faith that all will end well and to that end you should rely on your inner strength and deport yourself in a positive way specially towards your family as your children look to you to show strength during a difficult time.

All will be well, juggsy, all will be well, you have bridges to cross but cross them you will and you will come through this and regain your peace of mind. So calm yourself and don't add unnecessary further stress to your mind and body. Please keep us informed of your progress.


I’ve gone through my echo numbers, it looks as though I have diastolic dysfunction aswell, although they failed to mention anything about it to me....


Don't worry , just get the proper help that you need , i feel like there is something wrong with my heart at the moment too , heart palpitations and sortness of breaths.


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