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And there he goes

Well as soon as I start talking about how much of a good day I've had and how it's had me thinking, there goes that carefree and joyous guy I once new hello jaw pain, heart palp and fuzziness at full force. Lol the past 5-15 minutes I've made over at least 20 google searches and just when I thought I had it together, honestly think I'm in need of some serious psychiatric help now. 😂😞

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But, remember keejay, you have to not care about the jaw pain or heart palps or whatever. Googling means you care too much. Anxiety needs you to feed him. If you care he will keep coming back, but he doesn't like being ignored. If you stress over the symptoms, you are just adding fuel the fire of anxiety. Let your jaw hurt and let your heart flutter. It's ok. It takes time, stress free time, for your nerves to heal completely. Yours are trying to heal, that's why you've had good days. Don't stop singing!


Right thx again💪


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