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So this weekend I’ve been feeling very stressed for some reason today at school my eyes started to do this weird blurry wavy thing went down to the nurse and got settled down because my anxiety was super high. My eyes went back to normal but I got one killer sinus headache and so nauseous and my right arm went numb and so did my tongue but still could talk fine and my arm still had strength. That’s why I think it was a migraine I got sent home early and came home and laid down then got a hot shower to release everything it helped a little then I laid back down and it seemed to help a lot because I was able to fall asleep. Woke up feeling mostly good but still going to the doctors. Still got a slight headache also feel so fatigued. The last time I had a migraine like this was almost a year ago. Anyone else experience something like this. Still scares me. Of course my anxiety has me convinced I’m going to die.

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Hi Adamj, haven't seen you around for a while. I use to get that weird blurry wavy thing which my doctor called "ocular migraines"... they usually don't last more than 15-20 minutes max. But they are frightening especially the first couple times. I'm glad you came home and rested for a while feeling better when you got up.

The fact that you are in school may cause you to have more stress and eye strain. See what your doctor has to say but don't worry you are not going to die from that. Let us know with an update.

Take care and feel better soon. x

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I had a panic attack like that once. I was convinced it wasn't a panic attack until I asked my Dr and my therapist. I'm glad you are feeling better and I think its wonderful that you are going to see you Dr just to be sure. You are not going to die. I hope your anxiety calms down a bit so you dont have to worry about dying. Hugs!



I suffer with migraines on a regular basis and they are not pleasant at all

You sound like you have the kind of migraines I have with the aura

I know when one is coming on because first I start with numbness in one side and part of my face and when I look at something I can only see half of what I am looking at then shortly after I see zigzags in colours a bit like if you have been looking at a bright light or fireworks for a long time , this will go on for 20 to 30 minutes and then the headache sets in , but it is so painful not like a normal headache and can be so bad I can hardly move my head and this can last for me up to 4 days before it gets better and in that time I feel so drained and lethargic

They really are quite frightening and I have been getting them for years but with each one I still feel that fear but yes see your Doctor , I think it sounds very much like a migraine and even though I cannot take them because of other medical reasons there are medications that you can take when you feel a migraine coming on that are suppose to either prevent it from been a full blown one or make it less intense

I take an aspirin when I start to get one and for the 4 days it lingers because they say migraine is when the blood vessels swell in the brain ( it does not harm you ) and aspirin helps to take that down and it does help me but do not take them without asking your Doctor first as they are not always suitable for everyone

Laying down in a dark room , wearing sunglasses , getting a cold cloth , you can put it in the freezer first so it is really cold and putting it on your forehead will all help with the headache also make sure you drink plenty of water even when you have not got a migraine because that helps prevent them as well as helps when you have got one

If it was a year ago since you last had one I would not worry this is very common that people get the odd migraine but your Doctor will confirm that as well as advising you what will be the best thing for you to do :-)

I hope you feel better soon and you get that reassurance that will ease your mind from your Doctor because this will help to as stress and anxiety can bring them on to :-)

Take Care x

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Went to the doctors and he told me it was a migraine and mostly caused by stress and having a slight virus. He gave me an anti-nausea shot. Feeling mostly better was apps to eat some food and have some water.

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Adamj, I'm glad you saw your doctor and he was able to help your nausea discomfort. Try getting some time in between school and homework to distress yourself every day. That as well as hydrating with water and making sure you don't go long without eating, will help in lowering the chance of your migraines. Feel better Adam. x

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