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Doing Better (Kinda)

Its been a while!

But I'm a lot better

However recently, like yesterday recently

I've had this achy heavy feeling above and on my eyebrow.

I have a couple pimples there and when I touch them I gets worst, so I'm trying to figure out if the achy pain is related.

And I'm low key worried its a brain tumor and I wont live to see Christmas.

But other than that, breathing has been great, sleep had been amazing, and my days have been mostly positive, just a little (a lot) worried I'll die soon.

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Islande_King, an achy feeling above your eyebrow and a couple of spots are not symptoms of brain tumour, so it's safe to order the turkey for Christmas and you can also book your next summer holiday whilst you're at it. When recovering from anxiety, which is good to hear, it is quite common to experience these shadows from the past, in your case magnifying ten-fold the worry of a passing thought. That's all it is, be reassured it is not a tumour.

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