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Anxiety or seizure? :(

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Hi, everyone! How are you?

I've been having this strange sensation in my stomach. It's like I have (TMI) flatulence and left me feeling full (is that normal?) But I experience other symptoms such as tense feeling in the back of head, taste in mouth (it's sour and it might have something to do with not brushing my teeth)

And when I fell asleep, my body jerks twice which it made me nervous. But what is this? I'm worried that after staying every night (until five am) every month might trigger a seizure.

I am afraid that someday I might have one knowing that's one of my fears.


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Could you have acid reflux? - Deanna (yes that's my name too ❤️)

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deesmilesx3 in reply to DeeM3

Don't know? And that is so cool! Name twins💜 but I think I have to go to the clinic, I have been eating a lot (every minute + at some nights) maybe I do have it?

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