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Vacation Was Great. Now Reality

So to make a long story short I went to the beach with my wife, mother, father, and uncle from 10/7 thru 10/14. The drive down I was having some of the most persistent and long palpitations, they would come and go but lasted about a 5-6 hours time. Woke up on Sunday and to my surprise I had little to no physical symptoms (which is mainly what my anxiety is). All week long I felt REALLY well and had a great time, it was almost like my anxiety had vanished. I had a few flair ups but nothing major at all. Came back home and was off work yesterday and just did nothing all day basically, sensed a little anxiety but nothing like I have been having. Back to work I went today and sure enough if I haven't had some palpitations and just some anxiety in general. Nothing major however I can definitely tell it is there.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or can relate? My vacation was such a breathe of fresh air, and I am not thinking the worst or even trying to worry about how I am going to feel from here on out. Like I said those 5-6 days of little to no anxiety was just miraculous for myself. Just curious to know why when I am back to the so called real world I can feel the physical symptoms and sense the anxiety more so.

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Hi Loveydovey0519, that sounds like you had a great vacation get a way with family. Like you said "a breath of fresh air". It's something we need when dealing with daily anxiety. It doesn't surprise me when getting back to routine of life where symptoms have happened before, prompts them to reappear. I think our mind gets confused to a point when we take ourselves out of our stress zone and replace it with positive atmosphere and thoughts.

One way to deal with the symptoms and stress and avoid the cost of a lengthy vacation, is to give yourself an escape (respite) daily within your mind. Retreat to a quiet place for just 10 minutes where you can be away from the stress of the world. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. Let your mind wander back to the beach with your wife and family around you. Let that positive happy experience take over any negative thoughts that may want to creep in. Breathe... Remember what you did during that week's stay, the laughter and fun you had with out a care in the world. Anytime you feel symptoms building up, before they have a chance to escalate, start your deep breathing. If at work, take a 3 min respite in the bathroom and imagine being back at the beach with the calming water and waves soothing you.

Anxiety is all about fooling it and being back in control until it loses interest and dwindles away.

Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Breathe and welcome back to the real world :)


I'm exactly the other way round, when not on holiday (vacation) I'm fine most of the time unless I have more than 3 problems to cope with at the same time. My anxiety is inherited so will never be entirely free of it. I love going on holiday, love planning how to get there, what to do etc. But when actually on holiday my anxiety level goes up. Funny old world.

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Agora has pretty much nailed the reply in finding ways to feel as relaxed as being on the beach. As additional reminders about the great beach holiday, you could take a picture to work, or make it a screen saver. Then there is meditation to the sound of the waves before bed if that floats your boat.


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