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Small node on my collar bone

So, as I am sitting here in my Anxiety state. I am randomly touching my collar bone and re-noticed that I have a tiny soft lump on my collar bone. Now, I hurt my collar bone back in June and I noticed it then, but thought that it was because of the swelling. Now I am touching my collar bone and it's still there. I am freaking out!! Could it be Cancer?! Geeesh. Jesus take the wheel! I have a doc appointment on Friday, but i am going to try to get into today.

Pray for me beautifuls🙏🏾

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I mean the collar bone does has 2 bumps on the end of it, but they are not necessarily soft as they are bone... I am sure you will be ok, it could easily be a cyst (which typically they are benign. I have 2 cysts)

I totally know where you are coming from though. Dw, the doctor will relieve your anxiety soon


If it is soft most likely fatty lump, these can appear on any part of your body and are harmless.

However, since it is causing you harm and anxiety, visit doc for confirmation, or tests if required.


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