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Hi all

Hope your well.

I have a question that i am a little worried about. I suffer with chronic sinus issues and have been prescribed antibiotics, amoxicillin, 5 times in just under a year. My concern is about how often im having to take them and will i become resistant.

So the questions that are making me worry alot lately are

1. How easy it is to become resistant to anti iotics

2. If i become resistant does that mean i am resistant to all antibiotics or just that one

May seem silly but worrying about this is taking over at the minute.

Thank you

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Hi I'm in the same boat as u....Keep getting infections..You can become resistant to the antibiotics but its rare, so try not to worry as youre only adding more anxiety :) and no, if one doesn't work there are others that will, I have had this happen to me, I get youre worry as I do this a lot,all anxiety, I have antibiotics to start and I haven't taken them yet as I read they can cause hair loss and that has happened to me, I have mild alopecia, so my anxiety takes over and tells me my hair will fall out, silly eh? Good luck, Have u ever tried looking up natural ways to help your sinus problem? Just wondering as I used to suffer with this and I cut out Dairy from my diet and it helped a lot.:)



Better to get some peace if mind through finding out :)

1. Becoming resistant depends on the person but it does happen and it is better to get your doctor to switch to another antibiotic that is safe for you to use. Some people are allergic to certain antibiotics and it is worth talking to your doctor about this.

2. You only become resistant to the one type not all antibiotics.


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