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time for another change

my anxiety has been beyond better due to self help..however the low moods and sadness still approaches and i am willing to make a change starting today.

some of the thoughts i get and the change i want to make

im too old -------> I'm just a teenager, I am young and i will regret feeling like this in the future, enjoy life

i will do bad in 12th grade --------> i am smart, responsible and i will do great if i wanted to

i can't say this, i will look ridiculous -------> say whatever your heart desires, share opinions because it creates a stronger bond with someone

i am crazy---------> i am not crazy, its just anxiety , if you were crazy, you wouldn't notice

if you guys have any ways to overcome your situation please share as id love to hear em. xx

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Women have fluctuating hormones all month every month. Some women are sensitive to the ups and downs, some don't feel it much at all. Being moody and sad and depressed is such a common side effect of the hormones. For you sweet one, I will bet that if you do some real hard thinking, you will find that at the core of all of this, is someone, somewhere has scared you and TOLD you things to make you " weak" of mind. Possible? take care


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