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Scared to death 24/7

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That sums it up. I shake on the inside as well as the outside all the time. For the most part. I have sick scary butterflies in my stomach constantly. Tightness in my chest shortness of breath I can hardly carry on a conversation because my voice cracks so badly. I have been to numerous Dr's and tried med. But no REALLY LISTENS. I am almost agoraphobic. I have to work. To support myself. I shake and my voice cracks all the timeno one really wants to b around me. I knoi I have social anxiety. But not one Dr has labeled me as of yet. I avoid people as much as possible. But deep down I want friends and connections. It has been 15 yrs. Or more. I would almost rather be dead.

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Monalisastapleton, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. You have found a group of men and women who understand what you are going through. Who feel your pain. 15 years is a long time to feel that way. We have all dealt with the same symptoms you have on a daily basis. Whether it's Social Anxiety or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the answer is the same. Understanding and accepting anxiety as not being dangerous. The physical symptoms are a result of the mind throwing negative thoughts your way. When you grab onto those thoughts and run with it, that's when the anxiety takes hold and doesn't want to leave. Medication and therapy can help bridge the gap between on going anxiety events to finding other methods of ridding yourself from anxiety.

One of the methods used is reading or watching Dr Claire Weekes teachings on "Hope & Help for your Nerves" found on Amazon or on YouTube in video form. Her studies on Acceptance of Anxiety have been on going for many years. She found a simple and yet effective way of reducing the symptoms of anxiety until they no longer existed. There are many other ways to help yourself overcome the fear by knowing about the Mind/Body Connection. The more we learn, the better we understand, the easier it is to accept. I also use meditation and deep breathing (also great videos on YouTube) Properly done, deep breathing can either stop or turn around an anxiety attack as well as the symptoms that come with it.

There is so much you will learn from others on the forum who share their journey with Anxiety. What works for one may not for another. Pick and choose the methods that you feel most comfortable with as well as getting relief. Talk to other members who will not make you feel so all alone because you are not. It's a great life and yours is about to change for the better. Trust in yourself. You and only you will be responsible for reaching your goal. We will be right by your side sharing each step of the way. xx

Yep me too , I'm actually laying down right now having this problem for at least 3 hours now ' it even get these hot flashes that make me so hot & make me feel like imma fall or pass out and my body feels like it shakes , I got home and still felt shaky and my chest felt like I needed to take deep breaths . I get tired too from all of these symptoms that come on random

You are not alone . Sorry it has been so long. Keep fighting and never give up.

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