Stiff & numbness

Lately I've been having headaches and the top of my head down to my ears get stiff and sort of numb. I'm not sure what it is. I know I'm always paranoid but lately things are a little weird feeling. And then the scabs in my nose. Also my biological father has a history of a benign brain tumor that he is getting radiation for and I'm so scared that I'll get that from him. I already have a benign tumor in my left breast. I'm just scared since I've been having headaches and numbness lately. I'm just so tired.


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  • Sorry to hear that. If u worry go get it check out. And try to do something to distract yourself meditation music read a book go for a walk watch something funny on TV. Hugs to you💞 hope you feel better soon I'm here if you need me or need to talk.

  • Thank You.I appreciate it!

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