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I just cant get out of this!

Really bad anxiety , I hate so much my skinny body . It makes me feel shit in feont of my friends . My skinny wrists are a disgrace . My face is like it has been suck out and now only bines and skin are left . I also have health anxiety mainly regarding my heart which makes me think I will pass away soon . Im 16 years and this thing is affecting my life so much . Frustration, anger , crying list goes on . I just cant get over this . Distraction even doesnt work .ive tried to find psychotherapists but there is no one where I live . I just think I ...cant

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Take up bodybuilding many skinny People do !!


Keep going you will get better sounds like you have body dismorphia.some people would love to be slim eat lots of chocolate 🍫 you are anxious as am I but once you learn about your symptoms and you will be able to manage it I'm sure.i got a book self help with your nerves by dr claire weekes looks like it may help!listen to music exercise embrace your self sending you a hug 🤗

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