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Hi I have anxiety it's been around a year maybe a little less since I was told I have this but I've been ill for 9 years but nothing was physically wrong and it's now been put down to anxiety. When I was 7 my grandad died and I started getting sick. I feel so useless with my anxiety and panic attacks and every time I feel ill etc it's down to my anxiety which makes me feel like I'm wasting everyone's time. I've been having trouble breathing and I was given an inhaler which started making me sick so I went back to my gp and he told me it's most probably due to my anxiety because my heart and lungs are fine. He told me to just try to breath slowly but it doesn't help I'm still having trouble breathing but now it feels like it's all in my head and I can't control it how can I "breathe". I feel crazy

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Hi Bethxxany, I'm sorry about the passing of your grandfather when you were 7 years old. Death of someone we love and were close with is a frightening experience especially at such a young age. The idea of never seeing that person again on earth is more than a child can handle. Because the emotions attached to his passing were so strong, your body turned that fear into physical symptoms in order to cope.

Anxiety is something that comes over us, not something we wanted for attention. Please never feel you have to apologize or feel like you are wasting everyone's time. Having trouble breathing is one of the classic symptoms of an anxious person. It doesn't require an inhaler so I can see how it made you feel ill.

Learning deep breathing takes time, patience and practice. But once you have it down pat, it is a life saver. I have trained myself in meditation and deep breathing for so long that I automatically go into deep breathing whenever a hint of stress comes by. I also use it while watching tv, driving, shopping in the store, talking with others and even when typing responses on the computer. It helps keep me in an even state of mind.

Take a look on YouTube. Type in Meditation/DeepBreathing. There are short as well as long videos that will teach you the proper way to deep breath. I think it is more beneficial to watch someone doing it than to just read about it. The reason behind having trouble breathing is because of the tightness of the upper stomach muscles and diaphragm. It's not your heart or your lungs, like the doctor said. It's strictly tight tense muscles giving you that feeling of breathlessness. Give it a try Bethxxany. We are more than happy to hear from you and guide you along. It does work just don't get discouraged. xx


Thank you I will try out the deep breathing videos x

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