Round in circles

I've been doing brilliantly lately, today I'm having such a down day, going between symptoms and what may or may not be wrong with me, first it was my chest, then dizziness, then throat pain, back and forth between symptoms and worrying. I did so well yesterday managed to go on a day trip with my sister and all our children travelled for over two hours there and then back again, I coped really well. Don't no what's wrong with me today, feel quite emotional too, I feel so pathetic, I split with my partner and my children's dad in April, been in and out of my life since, now it's definitely over for good, I feel so lonely lately, i don't no why, suppose I just miss cuddles and conversation and someone being there, just silly thoughts!


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  • Do you think it was "coping" with something pretty huge yesterday that could have left you feeling exhausted today, Which may have triggered your anxiety. I always find if I have a busy, stressful day I feel ok at the time but it really takes it out of me for a few days after. I think it's something to do with all the extra adrenaline we are producing which wipes us out.

  • Yeah true I suppose it could have, and copeing with it on my own is all new to me aswell

  • Big hugs, I had a big day yesterday and am struggling today too x

  • 😢 really rubbish isn't it, hope your ok? X

  • Yes thank you XX . Picking myself up again. Had an initial appointment with a counselor this afternoon that seemed to go well.How about you.

  • Aw good, abit up and down again today, but better I suppose, in bed now and thought whizzing round! kids back to school tomorrow so busy sorting out uniforms etc. Glad to hear your councilling went ok 😊 How you finding it? I used to have cbt therapy x x

  • Its just the first session but I liked her which is the main thing. I did lots of work on myself about 8 years ago with pretty much every therapy going, CBT (3x) CAT, Group Therapy, Humanist ( at least twice) OCD therapy . I never found CBT all that great for me tbh but that may have been the delivery and deliverers or where I was at at the time, rather than the technique.

  • Sorry not been on, yeah I no what you mean, I've had cbt 3 times too, and don't get me wrong it did help in some ways, but others didn't make sense to me. Like I don't no if you have ever done it but my therapist told me to imagine leaves on a stream and to put my thoughts on those leaves and watch them drift away, which never really happened for me, some of the therapy things I don't feel comfortable with. I hope it will help you 😊

  • Hi dizzychar, it's been a while.. I never was able to get anything out of CBT. I think because I didn't want to make any changes at that time. With my therapist, it was "you have to do this" "you have to do that" in order to get well and go forward. Well I wasn't ready to do this or that. :(

    She would want to stay on the line while I made a call to set up a doctor's appointment. Made me feel not only uncomfortable but trapped. Anxiety patients do not like feeling that they have no control. And so we worked with different methods to help me. My sessions were done on the phone because of the Agoraphobia and yet it made me very nervous enough so that one time I just hung up on her. Yep and it felt good (it's a control thing)

    Char, you have to find what is best for you alone and then it will work. There is more than one way to get home. Just a matter of finding it. Stay well xx

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