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Trouble swallowing saliva

Hey...for those who have trouble swallowing saliva..how do you deal with it? I don't have any problems swallowing food/water.Sometimes,I can swallow my saliva just fine,but there are time it's really difficult.And I don't know if it's just me..but now there's a slight ache in the upper right side of my neck sometimes.Or is it because I've been so anxious lately my whole neck feels cramped? It's driving me nuts.Anyone has natural remedies for this?

I try hard not to panic when it happens...but panic seems to win over most of the time.

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You are thinking about swallowing your saliva too much, in fact you are obsessing about it. If you turned your attention to other things and stopped this particular introspection then the problem will pass. So just accept you have anxiety about your saliva, the ache in your neck is no doubt due to muscular tension associated with your saliva fixation.


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