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help ?

I have really bad issues going on and have been for 3+ months now . I went to the Lady doctor and my physician and they clear me every time . My lower back is always hurting . I either SLEEP way more or don't sleep for two days . i eat a lot and my poop is only watery diarrhea! I poop probably 2-5 times a day . Always after i eat . Sometimes when i'm not . I am also extremely zoned out most of the time . I act without feeling there .. like .. i don't feel pain or anything . I'm so gone out of my body idk how to explain it .. like i'm not in control of my body almost and i'm watching it from a tv inside myself .. No i'm

not on drugs except my prescribed one which is A thyroid medicine ..

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Sounds like depersonalization. It's one of the scarier symptoms of anxiety. Are you seeing a therapist? If so, definitely tell him or her about how you're feeling. If you don't then you should talk to your Dr so they can help you find a therapist. Cognitive behavioral therapy will really help you with this.


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