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Are my symptoms anxiety related?

So, one day me and my parents were making a trip to go ride the tallest roller coaster in the world "The King Da Ka" and i remember being so excited because im a thrill seeker and i love scary things, but... i can't lie. the 8-hour ride there i had this endless stomach aching stress over the fact that i would ride this ride and this stress lasted 8 hours. Anyways. the next day or so after i went to the park i felt this overwhelming fatigue sensation and my left arm and hand felt very heavy. When i would use my phone with my left hand i would by accident press something with my left thumb because it felt as if it was weaker and weight a ton, but in actuality, i wasn't weaker. Anyways, i was super scared and thought i had something serious like als so i went to the emergency room after feeling like this for a couple days and i had a cat scan done and blood work and they said everything came out "Normal". So i waited it out to see if my muscle weakness symptoms would go away and it seemed to never go away. so i did some searching and found that "Muscle Weakness Anxiety" is a thing and that it takes a few weeks for these symptoms to go away. So i waited a few weeks and they did kinda go away. but now i have another issue due to my anxiety atleast i hope it is related to it. Lately, i have been kind of stuttering occasionally, having awkward pauses in mid sentence and i feel like i just haven't been able to think clearly and focus and i have had this weird headache that doesn't hurt but feels like i have a rubber band around my head tickleing at it. Also for some reason my stomache hasn't been cool with anything ive eatin this week. during the day when i go for my runs and im feeling good the symptoms are pretty much gone, but ive just had this off feeling, like i just dont feel like myself. atm im unemployed and stay at home all day, so maybe being in the same room is getting to me? I only really get out of the house to go for my runs and workout and that is about it. But i want to know from everyone why I've been having these "brain/thinking" issues and if it's related to anxiety (Btw I'm a hypochondriac)

Conclusion: I've had anxiety all my life but never have had Physical symptoms until the trip after six flags also these weird strange physiological symptoms. I just want to know if this is something serious or if I just need to start taking meds for my anxiety and give it time and get the hell out of the house, because it just feels like one day I'm just gonna fall over and have a damn aneurysm. and the fatigue has gotten better, but its still not great. (the doctors said that everything came out normal, but is there a chance they messed up? i dont trust the hospital i went to tbh"

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wanted to add, my symptoms feel worse/more apparent at around 7 pm and so on. during the day im usually ok. still feel a little weird, but it really kicks in at night. so im just praying this are just harsh physical symptoms due to my anxiety.


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