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I'm beating anxiety's ass!!!

Hey guys it's been about 3 weeks since my last post and the last time I've been on here. And just by opening this app I'm kind of playing with fire to be honest. Because I noticed I'm really most anxious when I'm googling symptoms ( of whatever I'm most afraid of that day ) or reading other people's stories about their anxiety. That's the sick but almost reassuring thing about anxiety, the less you feed into the more minuscule it gets. The hardest part is not thinking about it because how could you not. I realized I had to start somewhere so I challenged myself not to google symptoms for a week and I made it. Then I challenged myself to stay off here for 2 weeks and I made it. This sickness will never leave my mind I'm sure of it. But I can control it and I don't need medication. I do a lot of deep breathing and walking. I completely quit smoking marijuana( lol I know but I smoked for 7 years before I got anxiety which sucks) and I'm just worrying about eating healthy and exercising. As an anxious person you're always gonna wonder what if, what if my doctor missed something, what if the blood test isn't accurate, what if my headaches are a brain tumor or what have you. So you're never gonna be a 100% sure of anything. But you can help yourself get to 70% or 80% by making sure you lead a healthy lifestyle and getting in tune with what makes you happy. I just wanted to let people know that's it's possible and I'm gonna keep fighting everyday for each one of you because we deserve it.

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Nice! Good for You and Thank You for your positive outlook 😊

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I'm proud of you. Keep It up.


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