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Should I increase my meds

I suffered from anxiety for several years until a wonderful Dr. proscribed paxil. I took 10mg for almost 20 years, anxiety went away. Until recently, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I was handling it fine then one day my old friend anxiety came back. So I'm sure it's because of the stress of taking care of her that it has returned. Went to my regular Dr. he upped my paxil to 20mg I have been in the higher dose for 5 weeks I feel a little better, some days better than others. I feel like maybe I should go with a higher dose or try a different med. Maybe I should give it more time to build up in my system. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Endy5 hi i am dedon6 i also was on a low dose of aropax and upped to 40mg over a period of time slowly over 3 weeks and did wonderfully on them for 15yrs....did gain a lot of weight though bit would rather the happy mind than the slim body. Hope this helps

Good luck

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