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Still dizzy after bppv is gone

I developed panic attacks again (got them when I was 16 but they eventually went away) after my second child. I was then diagnosed with BPPV in June but had it since April. It's a type of positional vertigo. I also developed bad headaches that felt like they were coming from my left ear. Bppv was in right ear.

The epley cured the positional vertigo but I think I developed chronic subjective dizziness. I can't shake being dizzy 24:7 and the anxiety that comes with daily tasks like watching children or driving.

It feels like I am still dizzy and it waxes and wanes throughout the day and era worse after I wake up. If I'm busy doing something it gets better. But I have a wild sense of derealization. I've been to the ent twice paranoid of menieres because I have a weird ear fullness and mild tinnitus in the left ear (not the ear I had bppv in) but both times hearing was normal. Ent doesn't know what it is. Says it will get better with time.

Neurologist seems to think it's migraine but this only started after I had an upper respiratory infection that last months followed by some serious nasal mucus (constantly blowing nose). I don't know.

I have so much anxiety this is all I can think about and I am so scared to spin out again being in public.

Does anxiety cause a sense of ear fullness occasionally ? And I am extremely sensitive to noise which started after my second child when the anxiety attacks started also. Is extreme noise sensitive an anxiety symptom?

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Saccolucci, the short answer to your question is that high anxiety can cause dizziness and unsteadiness and it is quite common, I think that afteryour BPPV cleared up you were left with anxiety of losing your balance and vertigo returning, then your anxious mind takes over and you start to imagine slight dizziness even though there is no organic cause for it. Fear is what causes these anxiety issues to continue, if you can master the fear then the dizziness will fade.

I had BPPV a number of years ago and since then I sometimes feel unsteady when walking but if my mind gets distracted onto something else I find I'm walking fine.

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